Eco-friendly production

Corporate clients teach us to be friendly with our planet and keep pace with modern technologies. We appreciate this and we always desire to create added value for our customers. Therefore, we have invested into a unique printer whose technology ensures maximum consideration of our planet.

So far, to make large-format printing while staying in harmony with the nature has not been really possible. Normally, non-eco-friendly and non-recyclable inks are used. In spite of the effort to use recycled and recyclable materials, later, we face the harmful impact of inks. However, UV technologies are really very helpful in the production. After printing, the product dries up immediately, it is abrasion resistant and it can be used for almost all types of surface.

Now, we have an opportunity to use all advantages of the UV printing and, at the same time, to exchange harmful inks for water inks that comply with the strictest health and safety regulations. The water inks are certified for a direct contact with food and full recyclability. Therefore, printed materials can get in touch with food and they are hundred percent considerate of children’s health. The neutral smell is also highly benefitial, for example, when stands are placed in shops. We regard this production process combined with the production of recycled and recyclable materials sensible and we consider this a crucial moment and a breakthrough in the world of digital production.